Presentation 2017

Karyn Garvin

“Divine Dog”

Professional Dog Trainer, Author and Speaker

What is “Divine Dog” Training?

All dog trainers teach through stories. Karyn’s stories just happen to be based on her belief in the “Divine,” that power which is greater than ourselves. Her integrated approach to dog training includes spirituality, science, psychology, universal laws, nature and the natural order of life as we know it.

The concept of “Divine Dog” Training came to Karyn as she completed writing her first book, “Dogs Do Go to Heaven!”, in which she shares inspirational and very personal details of how God has showed up in her life. Experience has been her best teacher.

Karyn often teaches her students that the root of the word “obedience” means to listen. To be obedient to God, one must listen to one’s own heart. This is how the Divine Universe speaks to us. Trusting in intuition and life’s lessons has naturally flowed over into Karyn’s success as a dog trainer.